27 Jun

Configuration Identification

NOVAEVO+™ Configuration Identification

NOVAEVO + Identification and Integration is capable of integrating with legacy systems (CAD/PDM/ERP/CSDB) of company (owner), suppliers or third parties from which it imports the data needed for configuration management product tree.

The import is via NOVAEVO + Web Services Connector, capable of interfacing with heterogeneous applications that use different platforms.

NOVAEVO + Identification & Integration manages, for each node of the setup, the parameters of applicability.

In this way NOVAEVO + Integration & Identification  allows the Configuration Manager of a manufacturing company to be aware of the list of serial number (or serial numbers group) subjected to change, during the evolving product phase.

The Applicable Configuration tree is dynamically the result of a series of parameters that characterize the story, changes and evolution.