NOVAEVO+™ Repair / Replacement

NOVAEVO + Repair/Replacement allows users to manage the workflow associated with the request to repair a configuration Item, its eventual replacement and recovery of stocks.

The workflow is based on possible implementation at multiple levels (Logistics) of a base flow comprising two key players who play the following roles:

  • Originator – that have the ability to create new requests and to close those satisfied;
  • Suppliers – who will satisfy the needs of repair or supply of the Article of Configuration that replaces the one sent to the repair.

In addition, a third profile was created, (Monitor), to allow the user that will be bound to monitor activities concerning the repairs without take an active part.

The module allows the creation of supply chains can handle, for example, different markets and/or customers. A client may be associated with a local representation of the OEM that would respond to requests for repairs with the ability to create "Virtual Stores".

Consider a user who gives out a repair request on an Article of Configuration.

If the logistics chain involves different levels of control, the Request will be taken into account by the first "Supplier" (Institution for the Local and/or National Logistic Support), otherwise, it will be proposed to next level with a new automatic Request that sees the first Supplier, take on the Role of the Originator of the second.

If the Originator has a stock of spare parts, he has a chance to meet the requirement by the Replacing of the Article sent to repair with one that is efficient in cargo in its warehouse, waiting to write off the same consistency, through the return of the item repaired.