Skills on processes:

  1. Configuration Management
  2. Configuration Audit
  3. Configuration Control
  4. Configuration Plan Assessment
  5. As-Maintained management
  6. Class 1 change
  7. S1000D
  8. Logistic Support
  9. ILS
  10. Technical Fact Processes and reports
  11. Obsolescence
  12. FRACAS


Technological skills (short):

  1. Advanced knowledge of Object Oriented Programming principles.
  2. Advanced knowledge of n-tier architecture on Java Enterprise(J2EE) platform.
  3. Development experience in Java 2 and Java Enterprise (J2EE) platform.
  4. Advanced knowledge of Servlets, JSP and Custom Tags, JavaBeans, EJB, JDBC, JavaMail e JNDI.
  5. Excellent knowledge of Java, Javascript, XHTML, CSS e della tecnologia Ajax.
  6. Implementation and use of WebService
  7. Knowledge of principal XML technologies in validation (XML Schema), transformation (XSLT), selection (XPath/XQuery) e dei related instruments.
  8. Knowledge and use of persistence framework and O/R mapping  (Hibernate).
  9. Advanced knowledge of frameworks (Struts, Wicket, GWT,…) and design pattern for the construction of enterprise and web based applications.
  10. Excellent knowledge of Java Open Source tools and libraries.
  11. Application server J2EE: Jboss, Tomcat.
  12. Development framework: Netbeans.
  13. Relational Database design and development experience in Oracle environment (including Java and PL/SQL Stored Procedure development), MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, and thorough knowledge of the SQL language