NOVAEVO+™ is an advanced software application able to support the customer to manage the lifecycle of product and complex systems, from the definition and control of configuration, to the integration with legacy systems for the import and export of technical documentation, from maintenance management and technical assistance to the organization of logistic processes, all in an automated way , drastically reducing production time and costs.
NOVAEVO+ looks like a framework of applications available via Internet, according to specific customer requirements. NOVAEVO+ was developed using J2EE technology that allows the basic architecture of being open, scalable, flexible and modular and integrates with heterogeneous applications via XML Connector and/or specific adaptor.
NOVAEVO+ access is controlled by security policies and access control based on the definition and assignment of roles and privileges that allow access only to authorized areas.
NOVAEVO+ is the solution for those companies wishing to take advantage of modern technologies in order to be more competitive on the market, reduce design and production costs, increase efficiency and product quality, reduce time-to-market and effectively integrate business processes.