NOVAEVO+™ Web Services

A Web Service is a modular application described, published, located and used across the web. It carries out the functions, ranging from a simple request for information to a complicated sales process.

A Web Service can be used simultaneously for multiple operations, being shared over a network and available to everyone.

The fundamental idea that underlies the Web services is integration as a service. The concept represents a defined set of technologies based on industry standards, working together to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous systems, which are internal to the same company, or reside somewhere on the Internet. With Web services, you can enable Web applications to communicate with other applications that were also enabled to Web services standards.

The "Case"

Within the project NOVAEVO EUROSAM, for air defense system SAMP/T, services were developed in order to integrate processes of Italian Army information system (SIGE/MIDI) with those of NOVAEVO.

In particular were integrated processes for:

  • Technical facts
  • Updating Applied Configurations in service with the EI

Project creates the most modern armed force integration-industry system in the world, where the operator on the site compiles a Technical Fact about a Terminal SIGE/MIDI which is transferred via WEB Services to the system NOVAEVO EUROSAM and read immediately on a Terminal NOVAEVO at EUROSAM in Paris.

It was actually created a "bridge" armed force-industry.