A&D market leaders know how important it is to innovate processes to meet the needs of their customers. With over 20 years of customer support, T.consulT's consultants have gained considerable experience managing support processes.

Our Support Engineers have knowledge about processes and a portfolio of solutions for manage the entire lifecycle of product, services, applications and supply chain.

Even the best technological solutions are of little use if people do not understand and adopt. T.consulT facilitates the introduction of application software through a multilayered approach that includes the following items:

  • Training on general product qualification processes and covers
  • Campaign to promote user awareness
  • Specialized training for operational users
  • Detailed training for system managers

Our staff of helpdesk responds to requests for assistance during all working days with a maximum of 4 hours. In some cases and, depending on the type of assistance requested, the response is immediate.

Here are some general information documents:

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