T.consulT is able to offer highly qualified services, in order to minimize the risks that result from the introduction of new software products.

Starting from the analysis of customer's requirements, the installation and training, ending with the after-sales support, highly qualified staff  will accompany you during the entire project life cycle and the subsequent use of customized and installed software.

Maintenance services and personalized customer management, will accompany every technological and/or product evolution.

Our consultants help international leaders to obtain advantages for products and services thanks to the strategy and design of solutions, process transformation , implementation of technology , hosting and application management , as well as training and adoption at the organizational level .

T.consulT provides the tools and training needed to use efficiently NOVAEVO suite. If you are looking for a specific training course, a way to deepen the skills of expert users or a personalized corporate learning program that meets the requirements in terms of planning and budget, the course catalogs of t. consulT offers alternatives for each type of intervention.

Specific courses developed according to processes, with the help of multimedia components, can also be downloaded, on request, from our site.