NOVAEVO+™ Technical Fact

NOVAEVO + technical facts  allows users to manage the entire process of management of anomalies, thus creating a "bridge" between the OEM and its customers in order to reduce response times to a customer's request for intervention and reducing the risk of interventions for anomalies caused by imperfect use of products.

The customer can get timely information and resolution of faults found, starting with the identification of its product configuration.

OEM is able to handle the historic anomalies on the various customer configurations, to respond adequately to requests, to analyze what went wrong, before activating the technical intervention in the field with a considerable saving of resources.

Cataloging faults found and their comparative analysis may give rise to internal requests for modifications to the product by examining the evolution of the same, managing downstream change application through cycles of RETROFIT.


The process of Technical Facts Management (which includes Technical Assistance in the Field), for users of NOVAEVO, examines a series of variables derived from individual ARMED FORCES Logistics Organization and allows to model any scenario starting from interaction of 3 basic Profiles:

  • Originator – who has the ability to generate a new Technical Fact
  • Suppliers – who will be responsible for analyzing and possibly give response to Technical Fact, including the commencement of technical assistance in the field
  • Validator – who will be responsible to declare closed, and so satisfied, the Technical Fact.

In general it can be said that the process that governs the management of technical facts in NOVAEVO, has two fundamental Roles in which the Service Supplier may also take on the Role of the Originator if at the upper level there is another Organization to which refer.

The final actor of this process are typically the Industries, to which is entrusted the responsibility to maintain operating system shipped to customers.

The only actor who has the opportunity to close the request is the primary Originator and Validator (Agency for logistical support community) will provide its final opinion about the closure of the process.